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"Mike Capuzzo is a writer and an animal lover from the start, it seems certain when you talk to him. In fact he writes like an angel and loves with a gentle intensity that is awesome."

  -Roger Caras,  author and President, ASPCA, New York,                               from The Bond: People & Their Animals                      

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Michael Capuzzo's animal writing was collected into four books and a nationally syndicated column and won the highest writing awards on humane education from the Humane Society of the United States in Washington, D.C., the American Humane Association in Denver, and the ASPCA in New York.  Mutts was the first attempt to describe and classify mixed-breed dogs by behavior and type to help dog lovers rescue their perfect hybrid and end the senseless slaughter in our shelters. With humor and training and behavior tips from renowned dog trainer Brian Kilcommons, the book was hailed by "The Dog Whisperer" as the classic mixed-breed counterpart to the pure-breed American Kennel Club dog book.

A wonderful book...I know of no other source of such insights into dogs of mixed-breeding as this one...Enjoy! 

Franklin M. Loew, Dean, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Funny as hell, downright educational, compassionate, and badly needed.

Roger Caras, President, ASPCA 

This wise, warm, and often hilarious volume is a must-have for anyone devoted to America's favorite dog.

Richard Avanzino, President, San Francisco SPCA



Mike's prize-winning nationally syndicated United Feature Syndicate humor column Wild Things, collected here, ran weekly in Newsday, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Miami Herald, the Detroit News, the San Jose Mercury-News and many other newspapers, won the first "Pawlitzer Prize" (awarded by Alpo) for writing about frisbee dogs, and inspired activists to present 20,000 signatures to the White House urging Bill Clinton to adopt a mutt and set an example for the country. 

"A great big intellectual treat for animal lovers."

                         -Roger Caras, President, ASPCA

Our Best Friends & Cat Caught My Heart

When Mike and his wife Teresa Banik Capuzzo lived on their ten-acre Shady Oak Farm in Wenonah, NJ with five dogs including a 125-pound shepherd mix, a coonhound who crooned to Count Basie, and one much-loved and cranky cat, Mike wrote his weekly nationally syndicated animal column Wild Things  for twenty million newspaper readers from New York to California. Every day he received letters from his readers with remarkable stories, and Mike and Teresa distilled the best of these astonishing tales, mixed with their favorites  from pet lovers including Dave Barry, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, and James Herriot, in these classic twin volumes beloved by cat and dog lovers around the world including France and Japan.  Available in hardcover and paperback.

If you are a member of the tribe (of dog owners), you are about to take a marvelous journey as Mike and Teresa Capuzzo, ardent, orthodox, industrial-strength dog lovers, tell you the absolutely wonderful stories they have uncovered in their travels...(tales of) one of mankind's greatest wonders. -- Roger Caras, author and president, ASPCA, New York

I have had this book for many years and it remains one of my favorites. It is uplifting and so heartwarming! Definitely a feel-good collection of stories that every cat-lover should read and own. --, five-star review of Cat Caught My Heart.


The folks writing to Capuzzo are everyday Joes and Janes (and Hartriono Sastrowardoyos, whose cat, unbeknownst to Hartriono, recorded a greeting message on his answering machine), and they feel fresh and spontaneous and at times terribly vulnerable and quite personal...Not surprisingly, a number of the better pieces., those that with an economy of words convey the beguiling, sphinxlike qualities of a cat, are bylined Michael Capuzzo."--Kirkus Reviews of Cat Caught My Heart.

Close to Shore, Adapted for Young People

My adaptation of Close to Shore for young people, published by Random House Children's Books, is a lavishly illustrated 139 pages. It gobbled up "Best Book for Young Adults" awards from the American Library Association, the Canadian Library Association, the University of Illinois Center for Children's Books, child development expert Joanne Oppenheim on the NBC Today Show, and Booklist's "Top 10 Sci-Tech Books for Youth." The audio book also won raves, "brought to life by the extraordinary voice of (Brooklyn slam poet) Taylor Mali."

One of the most suspenseful books of the season, Close to Shore is an artful blend of drama, history and science. A top-notch adaptation of an adult book by a master storyteller. -- Joanne Oppenheim, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio.


A relentless pace and sheer physicality...demonstrates a novelist’s flair for drama and a scientist’s attention to detail. Booklist.

CLOSE TO SHORE, the Audiobook

​Len Cariou, the Tony-Award winning actor who played Sweeney Todd on Broadway and NYPD Commissioner Henry Reagan on the CBS drama Blue Bloods,  does a great job narrating the 1916 true story that inspired the book and movie Jaws

Combining suspense with social history, Capuzzo has created a riveting thriller… Len Cariou's smooth voice and inflection appropriately evoke the manners and period. - Library Journal, Audio Book of the Year citation.

THE MURDER ROOM, the Audiobook


The audiobook of The Murder Room, read by Broadway, TV and film actor Adam Grupper, won an AudioFile Earphones Award, given to "truly exceptional titles that excel in narrative voice and style, characterizations, suitability to audio, and enhancement of the text. "

Capuzzo's fascinating text, coupled with Grupper's impressive narration, engages the listener from the start. The Murder Room is exemplary nonfiction listening.

A book for all the cynics and skeptics who, like I, long to find the goodness buried deep in the human soul only to find ourselves horrified by the potential for the extreme evil that is buried in us all...but still providing hope for those who've lost loved ones to murder...I had to listen twice!  -- five-star review












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