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Invite Mike to Speak

"Mike is a fabulous storyteller who holds his audience in the palm of his hand,  and enthusiastically engages with his audience before and after. Highly recommended."
                                   --Gregory M. Banik, Ph.D.,                              American Chemical Society

"Mike's keynote address was inspiring and emotionally moving.  Our attendees commented that it made them laugh then moved them to tears, igniting within them the fire to make their writing meaningful.  That is the power of his magnanimous spirit. Mike is very approachable, but you sense that you are in the presence of someone who changes the way you think about the world."

         -Jennifer Duggins, Executive Director,          Dallas-Fort Worth Writer's Conference 

“Michael Capuzzo was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to research our audience and used that information to craft a talk that was relevant and engaging.” – Carol Bingham, Organizer,                  International Symposium on Human                                                    Identification    

Mike speaks to groups large and small, including

keynotes as diverse as the RSA Conference in San Francisco (to 4,000 at the world's largest computer security conference), the International Symposium on Human Identification in Seattle (to 1,000 DNA scientists from 50 countries), the American Chemical Society in Boston,  the American Polygraph Association in Austin, Texas, the American Humane Association in Baltimore, and  the Dallas-Fort Worth Writer's Conference.


He also speaks to a wide range of nonprofits such as the ExxonMobil Research Club (a dinner club for scientists including Nobel Prize winners), and universities such as Rutgers University and Coastal Carolina University (where Close to Shore was the freshman Big Read).

Contact Mike at to arrange a speaking engagement. 


  • The Murder Room and the secret society of the world's great detectives 

  • My adventures as Watson with the living Sherlock Holmes 

  • Close to Shore, the true story of JAWS that changed history

  • The comeback of the Great White Shark in the Atlantic/Cape Cod

  • What We Have in Common: The New Journalism of Hope 

 Mike's speech topics range widely but include talks about:

   "Mike’s presentation was so interesting that hearing it once was not enough. He spoke to our group about The Murder Room in February 2012, and was so fascinating we brought him back in October 2019 to speak about it again. He gave us a quite different but equally compelling talk on the fictional and real-life Sherlock Holmes, and we were so taken with it we're planning to book him in the future for his presentation on Close to Shore. Mike is very engaging and down to earth, and a joy to work with."    - --Cheryl Grimes,  Secretary/Reservationist,                               ExxonMobil Research Club

"More people lined up to talk to Mike and buy his book after his speech than any author since Malcolm Gladwell." 

                  -RSA Conference, San Francisco

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